Monday, February 1, 2010

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: Christmas Jammers

I did end up making us all jammers to wear on Christmas Eve. I did not, however, get a picture of us all wearing our jammers, since we got home late Christmas Eve, put them on, collapsed in bed, and we woke up very early on Christmas morning to see Shane off to work, when, by that point, Shane was all dressed up and our magical pajama photo op had escaped us, so you will not see Shane or me modeling our jammers. Which is probably for the best. Anyway, just for the record, there were pajama pants for Shaner and me (same patterns from last year). For the boys, I made kimono jammers. Pete's are from an Oliver & S pattern. Ah, Oliver & S, how I love you! The patterns are a dream! I learned some great sewing techniques just from reading the instructions. (I'm thinking about making the coat for Pete next year. I better start now...) Anyway, Peter's jammers looked great! He loves them! Success!
Here you can see the trim from my excellent DI fabric find. The main dark blue fabric was from my sister who was purging the closets, so it turned out to be a $1 fabric investment. Thanks, Anne!
Now Nathan's jammers are another story. I used the pattern for kimono pajamas in Amy Butler's Little Stitches and ended up with this:
I made them THREE times and repeatedly saw what you see now! Aren't they ridiculous?! Every time I'd finish, I couldn't help but bust up laughing--WHO IN THE WORLD IS SHAPED LIKE THIS??!! Uh, definitely not Nathan. We even tried them on him for kicks, and guess what, they didn't fit. So, just in case you thought I know what I'm doing behind a sewing machine, put your mind at ease and look at that picture totally not right. No hard feelings from me, though. Nathan likes his one-piece jammers better anyway, and they really only would have fit him for a couple of weeks after Christmas. Not to worry, Nathan. We'll use the other pattern next year!


Jill said...

Cute jammies. Good to know about the Amy Butler pattern. I have the book but haven't made anything from it! Now I'll stay away from the kimono jammies. Pete looks great, though!

Tammy said...

Ahh Becca! I hope you won't be offended to know that I had to chuckle out loud at the PJ pants for your little Nathan. They are so funny! Glad that Nathan isn't shaped like that. Pete's look great though. I was planning to make my Nathan some jams (as we call them) for Christmas this year. But then I lucked out and found some really cute and more importantly super cheap ones at TJMaxx. Yesssss!