Friday, January 9, 2009

The Good [Green] Stuff: My New Year's Resolution

We Lloyds live a life of many unknowns. This coming year, our family will be entering the working world in one of its most volatile times, and with our tiny clump of grown-up decisions, I have seen how complicated things can get. Many things I'm not so sure about, but amidst all this uncertainty there is one question I can answer: do I consume when it might be more prudent to conserve?

So, as a late New Year's resolution, I choose to conserve.  Conserve on every front: conserve time by cutting out unimportant things, conserve money for those things that makes us closer and makes my heart sing, and conserve this earth that we ask so much of.  I've got to be honest, my efforts all these years to be more earth-friendly have been quite half-hearted, but this year, I want to get it down.  So, to kick off my more green lifestyle, I present my sheets that have been sitting around for quite some time:

I inherited the sheets from my aunt, who bought these in the 70s. As I stuffed these in the goodwill bag, I remembered this post from souelmama and ching! lightbulb turns on in brain and I have some seriously wicked soft sheet pants.

 In other efforts to reuse our stuff, I made a new, swanky smock for Pete:

pardon the blurry picture. This old dress shirt, destined for our dumpster, has a new life as a participant in upcoming fingerpainting sessions, cooking exploits, and all other messy artistic expressions. Pete wore it enthusiastically, and instantly named it his "monkey suit."

So, you see, I am trying! And, hopefully this new installment of posts will require me to follow through with this resolution. Upcoming posts should definitely include to following: a better way to recycle (meaning, no bottles and cereal boxes overflowing in the cupboard beneath the sink), composting 101, my roadside treasures (seriously, treasures), and how to make my city a walking city...I'm excited to work on this. Anyone else have any bright ideas?