Friday, December 26, 2008

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: matchy matchy Christmas jammers

I sewed us all some matching pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve (which turned out to be Christmas Eve morning, while we were still in our other jammers....I couldn't wait.) and my dreams of us all opening our presents on Christmas morning with our cheery pj pants was realized.

Did you see Shane's awesome shirt? "You're Fired! --The Donald"

It might be cheesy, but the boys totally loved it. I have to take advantage of Pete's enthusiasm for anything--before we know it, he will open his matchy jammers and roll his eyes, "Ah, Mom, you mean I have to wear this?! If I wear these pajamas, then I'll, like, match with you and dad!" I'll take Pete's reaction now, which is to put his pajamas on immediately and wear them as much as possible, while insisting that we do the same. Shane was way overdue for some nice warm jammer pants, and I lined his and Pete's with some very soft white flannel. I used the Simplicity pattern 8493, which is probably the most simple pattern possible.

I love the cut of my jammers! They fit perfectly around the waist and have lots of room in the legs for lounging. The pattern for these are in Amy Butler's book, In Stitches, along with some other really fantastic sewing projects that I hope to get to soon.


Kristy said...

No wonder you were SO excited about Christmas. You've been working on these projects for a long time and I think hand made presents are the best to give. There is definitely more satisfaction giving something you made than something you bought in the store.

Eva said...

you'll have to explain Shane's shirt to me sometime. AND I must find a sewing machine for my very own projects!! It's high time! You're inspirational, Becca!