Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Good [Thrifted] Stuff: DI is awesome.

I grew up with a strong aversion to DI, the main thrift store in Utah. DI does leave some things to be desired, with its pungent aromas and characters hanging around. As a teenager, I only dared enter when I needed a last-minute Halloween costume. However, when I went to the highly acclaimed Brimfield Antique Show over a year ago, I thought to myself, "I bet I could find a lot of this stuff at a thrift store, without paying the antique dealer a penny!" I tried a few Goodwills in Connecticut, but they were disappointing. It wasn't until I revisited DI that I realized....oh me oh my, I totally love this place.

So, for all you naysayers out there who stick your nose up to DI, let me show you what I'm talking about:

Thanks, Kat, for this image!
've mentioned this typewriter before, but, ah, don't you love it? I saw typewriters on Etsy going for $250! I can handle the $4 paid at DI.
Remember this barn? This one is in mint condition!
I nearly fainted when I opened the "moo" barn door and found all these inside! Merry Christmas, Petey!

(Out of focus) Books. So many great books.

Can you believe this fabric? Perfect trim for the boys' Christmas jammers.
I just had to cut around these freaky ladies. No wonder it was only $1. Creepy.
And a bunch of other fabric.
This mid-century lamp! So cool! I love it!
Binoculars for Pete! Why not?! Perfect for birding expeditions and exploring in his treehouse (that is many years to come!)

I'm telling you, Utah folks, give DI a chance! There are lots of treasures hiding there!


katherine said...

i need to go with you. you inspire me!! love you b!

Jill said...

Great finds! I love the typewriter. And the lamp--it looks brand new! It's funny you post about thrifting, just yesterday I picked Kate up a shiny red tricycle that was used, but looked new at a fraction of the price! Wish I could go to DI with you!

Marlo said...

I heart Savers. Cheaper and not as picked over. Maybe even worth the drive to P-town.