Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Good [Kids'] Stuff: Poisson Rouge

I have been very reluctant at giving my kids much screentime, but after a crazy summer of packing, moving, living at grandmas, moving again, and unpacking, there have been moments that I've needed a little something up my sleeve to help Peter stay entertained. My amazing friend, Krisanne, introduced me to the kids site, Poisson Rouge (red fish). It is endless! It has very cute, happy games, no annoying Dora or Elmo, and a cool art vibe. Peter can navigate it so easily, it scares me. I didn't know he could drag things on my laptop until I saw him do it so deftly on one of the puzzles. The website is French, although there are multiple languages offered. Once I walked in, and he was doing one of the games in Greek and trying to repeat the words--that was hilarious.

Does anyone else have any kids' websites to recommend?


Deanna said...

If you want a good scripture based website, I like scriptures4kids.com They can learn scripture stories and play different games, etc. It's easy for them to navigate through.

Carlee Dynes said...

My sister in law Nancy just showed us this the other week. I haven't unleashed Jack on the computer quite yet, but when I'm ready to share I think this will be our spot.