Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: In anticipation of our blessed babe

I'm still going strong here in prego land. No baby yet, but, I did welcome a new baby blessing sweater and pants into the world yesterday. Hooray! A finished knitting project that took less than a year! When I found out that I was having a boy, I wanted to make something special for his baby blessing day. I have a beautiful lace dress that I bought on Burano while visiting Venice, which continues to gather dust somewhere, but I have had a tough time finding something just right for my baby boys. I took matters into my own hands...

Hopefully, baby Lloyd will be a little less hairy. I had to try this outfit on something, and the gorilla is just about the right size. Pete was totally into this idea of dressing up the gorilla like our baby and insisted on being part of the photo shoot:

After all the ups and downs that came with my first sweater project, I managed to fly through this one in just a couple of weeks. The pattern is
Seamless Baby Kimono, and I actually purchased the newborn pattern on ravelry. This pattern is a great first-time sweater project.

I found the pants pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. There are some mistakes throughout that would make any knitting granny shudder. But, hey,they were knitted with love! The pants are adorable and I'm thinking about giving the pattern a second try. Little knitted pants might be just perfect for my little autumn babe's newborn legs (which will be long and skinny, if he takes after his dad and big bro).


Robyn said...

Becca, if I ever end up with boy #5 in a winter month, can I pay you big bucks to knit me an outfit like that? Seriously, you could sell those like hot cakes. Love the monkey as a model too. Good luck with your last month babe!

Jill said...

It turned out great! You've inspired me to maybe try a sweater. I might be calling you for advice though... keep us posted on any baby news!