Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: Merry Christmas, 2008

I finished knitting Pete's Christmas sweater (which I started last fall) at long last. This project was a great challenge for me, who had only knit scarves and booties prior, and I learned a tremendous amount in the process. After many starts and stops, it actually took moving to Utah and going to a knitting session at the local yarn store to finally get me to the end. I was the youngest knitter at the table by about 30 years, and I thoroughly enjoyed the knitting wisdom shared around the table. I did end up taking the whole thing off the needles and unraveling a good chunk of the body to get back on track.
I love these orange buttons! They were made in the 1940s and I bought them at the Brimfield Antique Show last fall. When I showed Pete the finished product, he immediately wanted to try the sweater on. It barely fit, but he wore the sweater all afternoon, despite the 90 degree heat. I loved that he loved it so much.
Interestingly, I've noticed that the trendiness of knitting that exists in the east is not very common here in Utah. In fact, I don't know anyone here who is close to my age who knits or sews whatsoever. Guess I'll have to be the trendsetter (or outsider) while we live here.


Jill said...

The sweater!!!! Becca, It's beautiful! Way to go for finishing it. I'm so impressed. It will hold so much sentimental value for you! And I also love the orange buttons. When can we go to Brimfield again?

Kari said...

Becca, I'm so proud of you!!! I LOVE it, its very pretty and I agree with you, those orange buttons are neato! Great job, way to go, have a party!