Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: Table Slipcover

We are settling into our new place and, as with any new living arrangement, our new apartment has come with different room configurations and storage strategies. This place has much more living space (yay!) but almost zero storage (boo). So, those things that used to live in the far reaches of our storage cage, like this plastic table we got from Costco, are now front and center all the time. But, this great challenge also brought great opportunity, for now I finally have a sewing table! hooray! I made use of my fabric I bought in Aix-en-Provence two years ago, and made this slipcover. Not only does it mask the unsightly plastic table, but it also brings a cheery yellow corner to a very dark room in our house (and also hides the shredder, which you can see creeping out from underneath there.) Who knew that making a slipcover was such a cinch? I just measured the dimensions I wanted, sewed the pieces together, and voila. I've been sewing like a mad woman at this table (with my mom's Bernina, while mine gathers dust. The Bernina is nice). I'm trying to get too many projects done before my belly gets too big to be able to fit behind the machine. More posts to come!

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Kristy said...

You sew, girl! I already told you how much I love this slipcover for your table. I also love how the pillows turned out. Nice vision turning something old into something new!