Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being Prepared: Baby Bag

Here is another report from my year-long quest to be prepared. One of my biggest frustrations in my lack of preparation was being ill-equipped to meet the needs of my kids. I just never seemed to have what I needed on hand. This is partly a character flaw in me, because I really dislike schlepping around stuff. My preferred m.o. is only having my keys in my pocket, without phone or wallet (or diapers or wipes) to weigh me down. However, I recognize from experience that kids really, really need a spare diaper sometimes. I got serious about creating my dream diaper bag, and, voila, here it is! I bought the fabric from Purl during their last fabulous online sale and used the diaper bag pattern from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.
I'm loving all 6 pockets! Just what I need! The bag is soft and durable, unlike the other cheapy vinyl diaper bags that I've accumulated over the years. Most importantly, I stuck a little key hook on a ribbon, to prevent me from loosing my mind while digging around for keys.

I'm envisioning a more suped-up version of my diaper bag, with a more matching ribbon for the keychain and a long shoulder strap, a changing pad and wet bag for the cloth diapers, as well as a camera insert to keep my new favorite camera from the sad fate of our last two [dead] cameras. All I can say is the kids NEVER touch the camera any more.


Kristy said...

Love it, Becca! It turned out great. I get sick of hauling around too much stuff, too. I've gone to keeping a ziplock of 1-2 diapers and a small thing of wipes in my purse and then keep a well-stocked diaper bag in the car. I figure that for the most part, the car is never that far away. If we're at the zoo or something, I'll throw the whole diaper bag in the bottom of the stroller.

Jill said...

What a great bag! Just in time for more diapers! So cute.

Becca said...

Kristy, it seems like such an easy concept--leave the diaper bag in the car--and yet, it has never really crossed my mind! Sometimes the most genius ideas are the most simple! I'm going to use this for sure!

Lori said...

Love the key chain! I am forever losing my keys in my bag, even if it's just a small purse.