Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Good [Home] Stuff: Living Room Inspiration

Happy New Year! 2011 is sure to be a beautiful year!

I love January. It really feels like a clean slate to me, when I can think afresh and imagine all the good things ahead of us. Now that I can scan things, I'm excited to have this blog post as one central place to stash the various clippings floating around my little office that I've designated as "LIVING ROOM INSPIRATION":
We have a strangely shaped living room. It is long and skinny, and therefore almost impossible to have one place to sit. When thinking about our lonely corner, far from any other furniture, Shane and I keep coming back to this picture from an old Martha Stewart Living.

From January 2007 Real Simple

Another option that we've considered is having a little table in the corner.

Grove Storage Cabinet from Room and Board for a hefty $2200 (via Martha Stewart Living). I bet I can find a similar version on Craigslist to fix up.

Our style is pretty traditional, but I would love to be able to mix in some modern and fun things, like this spectacular side table. While none of my photos really show a space that welcomes kids, our dream house would definitely look more lived-in and easy going.

Martha Stewart Living
I'd love to copy this photo wall for our large wall adjacent to the stairs. I'm hoping to work on it in a few months when our little guy is less bent on destroying hanging things. And, there are no plans to buy a grandfather clock, but it is beautiful. Can't you just hear the slow, mechanical 'tick-tock'?

The above and below images are from the October 2007 issue of Art & Decoration, a French home design magazine. I adore the colors in the top image. I'm not sure we'll go with them, but with our two deep brown leather couches, it's nice to see some nice compliments to brown. And the floor to ceiling taffeta curtains aren't too shabby, either. I love the sofa cushions on the image below.

While we may not actually have the cash flow or time to recreate these pictures in our home, a girl can dream! I love having the vision, even if our living room is hazardously littered with toys, and I'm hoping to implement a few small changes for the better.

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