Monday, August 3, 2009

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: Big Boy Duvet

We've got a baby coming, which meant that we needed to kick Pete out of his crib and get him situated in a big boy bed. I saw this duvet and wanted to try to recreate it. I am insane. I did finish it, miraculously, and learned more than I ever wanted to know about applique and fusible interfacing.

I'm particularly fond of the bug pulling the trailer and the convertible:

I admit, I still love the version I found online better, but this blogger is a pro at sewing and I'm still a rookie! I was glad to have my own version.

For the back, I did wide stripes

and the pillow, I used up the rest of my car fabric from Purl.

Mission accomplished! Pete is happy every night to have his cool car blanket and I am really happy that he loves it so much. And, so far, we haven't had any nighttime wanderers visit us in the night. Hopefully, he continues to stay happily dreaming in his bed!


Jill said...

Becca, this turned out so cute! Way to go! I'm sure Pete loves it--what a nice incentive to go to bed!

Anne said...

impressive! And that is some super-powered bug!

Tammy said...

What!?! Becca! How are you finding the time and energy to whip up amazing quilts and decorative pillows? I'm definitely feeling like an underachiever!

Glad that Pete is doing well with the bed transition.