Friday, March 6, 2009

The Good [Handmade] Stuff: There will be a day when we need this.

Winter cannot last forever!

As a way to boost our seasonal morale, I made this beach bag. No more will we stick the shovel and bucket in the same bag with our graham crackers and granola bars and cell phones, only to find it one nasty mess when we unload it all back at home! Pete will have his own place for sand toys and my beach novel can remain intact. This bag is made from woven vinyl and ribbon. The vinyl was a little tricky to find, but I bought mine on ebay. It's genius material for a beach bag--not only waterproof, but the sand can easily sift out. Thank goodness.

I wish I could link to the pattern and instructions, but I got it from an old Martha Stewart magazine that I'd been saving for a while.  It's really a one evening project, and I'd be happy to talk you through if you want to try it out!

Ok, we're ready to go! You hear that, sun?!